Area 12

BMRC encourage all members to take part in Area 12 events. If you are interested please make sure that you are fully aware of the rules and eligibility for all the disciplines you wish to take part in:

BRC RULE BOOK 2020 – BRChandbook_2020_Final

Alicia is our Area 12 Co-ordinator and any questions, interest or queries can be emailed to her at

If you are interested in entering one of the events please confirm:

  • your name
  • event you would like to take part in
  • horse / pony passport number

BRC vaccination rules – This applies to any horse/pony in any area competition Your passport MUST accompany you to all area competitions and the flu vacc history MUST conform to BRC rules

Headgear – your hat must be tagged, this can be done at the area competition, but do make sure you leave enough time at the start to do this you will not be allowed to ride if it has not.

Body protectors are obligatory in all cross country, no hats with peaks

The entry system for Area competition are Preliminary entry:

A preliminary entry is made to head office, with appropriate fee paid by the Club.  These fees are retained  by head office to cover their costs, and must reach head office 21 days before the area qualifier or by 30th June whichever comes first.

Second entry – made to the Club organising the area competition.  This is the fee paid by you, but if you enter a qualifying class this MUST be paid before we make your preliminary entry.

You can enter any of these competition as a non-qualifier, in which case no preliminary entry is needed and only the second entry has to be sent to club organising it.

Once you have sent your first email to me, and paid the entry fee by BACS,  you will be entered for that Area 12 competition.