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BMRC Chair
Mike Edwards


Vacant – would someone like to take on this role?


Vacant – who would like to organise camps for the Club?

Winter dressage & clinics 

Hannah McGowan



Helen Melvin

I spent my childhood riding, first with ponies then horses and competed in many events with the Pony Club and BSJA.   After a 30yr break, I took up riding again in my late forties and with the help and support given by the club, my confidence grew and I have enjoyed attending camps and competing again. I felt now was an ideal time for me to invest something back into the club and I look forward to meeting you all in the year ahead.

Secretary & Website

Lucy Parsons                                                                  Lucy jumping

I’ve been a member of the club for 6 years and have decided to put something back into the club. I enjoy show jumping and have a wonderful horse to do this on. I have competed at David Broomes on many occasions. I regularly attend lessons on my 7 year old warm blood x -we hope to see
you there! We also jump at Badgworth Arena so you may spot us.

Lesson bookings
Sarah Britton 07379762567




Clare Parsons
10687161_10203237795850806_1720824155473348685_nHi, I’ve been horse mad since I was a child and enjoyed doing prelim dressage before I had my children. Since I have had them I became a happy hacker. My daughter took after me and loved horses she took up riding and when she was 12 she became a member of the club I then realised that while I was taking her round the country for lessons I might as well join the club and get back into having riding lessons and do more than plod round the roads. I have now backed my 7 yr warmblood cross and enjoying taking him out to riding club lessons hopefully you will spot me and my wonderful boy out and about.
Thanks, Clare.


Hannah McGowan



Members Days & Day Rallies

Claire Scoble

I grew up riding show ponies until my late teens. Kept my eye in but didn’t ride much until the kids ponies were big enough to get on!  I ended up exercising, schooling & generally doing all the dirty work! The boys enjoyed many wonderful years in Pony Club and competing supported but a host of volunteer helpers! The boys (not kids any more!) stopped riding but I carried on hacking and having fun at Riding Club.  Joining the Committee is for me an opportunity to give back a little for all the years people put in huge amounts of time and effort running Pony Club and the hundreds of un-affiliated events we attended.  I’m often helping out at events run by Mendip Plains Equestrian so hope to see some BMRC members out there having a go!

AREA 12, TREC & child protection- 

Hilary Barnard email:

I have been a member of Blackdown Mendip for several years, and live in the heart of the RC area; Blackdown dominates our view and I regularly ride there.

In addition to my committee role of safeguarding, I have also recently taken over the role of Area 12 co-ordinator, so if you would like to be part of a team, or ride individually, at an Area competition, please let me know.  Please keep your eye on the Area 12 page of the website, where event details will be posted.

I like to use the BRC strap line – Ride Together, Train Together and Have Fun Together – I am always happy to help anyone with TREC queries and escort those who wish to explore the local network of permissive and public bridleways.  If you would like to be part of a RC endurance team, or simply join me for a hack, please let me know.  There is life outside the arena!


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