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Mike Edwards

Undergoing an almost mid-life crisis I took up riding and discovered I rather liked it. I enjoy bonding with my horses whether simply hacking out or taking part in lessons or even competing.  Even though I frequently had (and still have) unscheduled dismounts I was not put off and under the guidance of instructors and support from friends in the Club my riding has steadily improved.  I joined Blackdown Mendip some while ago now (before I had grey hair) and found it to be welcoming, encouraging and, most importantly, friendly. I discovered that it was about just giving it a go and not to worry if I made a complete fool of myself, nobody stood in judgement and we all laughed together. Now, as part of a relatively inexperienced, but enthusiastic committee I am pleased to see that ethos being continued. And I say to members “come on and have a go” at any or all disciplines, join in and have some fun and in turn the club will “help you to become the best that you can be”.

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Helen Melvin

I spent my childhood riding, first with ponies then horses and competed in many events with the Pony Club and BSJA.   After a 30yr break, I took up riding again in my late forties and with the help and support given by the club, my confidence grew and I have enjoyed attending camps and competing again. I felt now was an ideal time for me to invest something back into the club and I look forward to meeting you all in the year ahead.

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Hello, I’m Sarah – Club Secretary.
Horses are in my blood – my farming parents met in the 60’s competing against each-other then training and racing point-to-point together, so it was likely I would inherit the equine gene. I was a member of Mendip Farmers’ Hunt PC in the 1980’s and have wonderful memories of rallies and camps overseen by Mrs. Firbank with plenty of iced buns and orange squash, no-stirrups, swapping ponies and friendships made then that endure to this day.
I have a soft spot for a mealy-muzzled Exmoor like my first pony, from my teenage years I rode a succession of TB x Welsh Cobs bred by my parents – our last home-bred mare was retired recently. I joined BMRC together with my youngest daughter in 2020.
BMRC is such a friendly and welcoming club and we really enjoy our lessons – my first XC lesson in 30 years was definitely the highlight of 2020 for me – we leave every lesson with big smiles which is exactly how it should be. I wish I’d joined years ago!
I look forward to meeting you all at lessons and camps as 2021 progresses and we return to
normality as Covid restrictions ease.

Membership Secretary

Claire Scoble

I grew up riding show ponies until my late teens. Kept my eye in but didn’t ride much until the kids ponies were big enough to get on!  I ended up exercising, schooling & generally doing all the dirty work! The boys enjoyed many wonderful years in Pony Club and competing supported by a host of volunteer helpers! The boys (not kids any more!) stopped riding but I carried on hacking and having fun at Riding Club.  Joining the Committee is for me an opportunity to give back a little for all the years people put in huge amounts of time and effort running Pony Club and the hundreds of un-affiliated events we attended.  I’m often helping out at events run by Mendip Plains Equestrian so hope to see some BMRC members out there having a go!

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