Jumping Lesson Formats

Below is a guide to our jump lesson groups and formats.  With horse and rider safety in mind please ensure, when booking, that you are happy jumping that height, including combination and spread fences.
We are asking members be responsible for their bookings and try not to over estimate abilities of themselves and horses so we can match groups as evenly as possible. We all know what horses can be like, one minute everything is going brilliantly and next thing you hit a bump in the road and have to work through an issue. So if you are on a lesson with another member who is experiencing that bump in the road then please try to be encouraging and supportive. We all share the same passion and all want to do our very best with our horses.

Jumping with Confidence Lessons for nervous riders and green/young horses jumps will be up to 2’3

Lower Lessons for horses and riders who are jumping 2’3 – 2’6

Higher Lessons for horses and riders who are jumping 2’6 – 3’

Advanced Lessons for experienced horse and rider combinations, jumps will be over 3’

Course Jumping: Lessons are specifically for Show Jumping course practice. After a warm up courses will be set out and at the height you are happy to jump and our qualified/experienced Show Jumping instructor will be on hand to give you all the pointers and encouragement that you need to get those clear rounds

Gridwork: These lessons will be based around Gridwork and Gymnastic jumping exercises to encourage horses balance, rhythm and impulsion. They are also excellent for the riders too!

Mini XC: XC Lessons for nervous riders and green/young horses. Lesson formats will include introduction to XC riding and simple jumping exercises over small XC jumps to encourage horse and rider confidence.

Simulated XC: Use of show jumps in an arena environment to give riders and horses the chance to have a go and practice some of the more technical style XC fences in a safe controlled arena environment.