Area 12 Qualifiers

Competition dates for 2018

Competition Location 2018 Date
 Combined Training  Pontispool 11th March 2018
 Horse Trials   Bicton Arena 10th June 2018
Summer SJ & Jumping with style KSEC 8th July 2018
Summer Dressage & Riding Tests Yeovil 21st July 2018
 Novice Winter Senior Dressage  KSEC  7th October 2018


Dressage to music

Senior Intermediate Dressage     KSEC                                            28th October 2018

BRC_Area_12_Intermediate_Winter_Dressage_Qual_ 2018 2019



 Championship dates 2018

Once you have committed to an Area 12 competition we have to pay the preliminary entry fees of around £15 for each rider (these are on top of your entry fees and Blackdown pays this).  If you withdraw from the class and we cannot fill your place you will have to pay this extra fee as last year we lost a lot of money from members that withdrew.
All details are on our web page or the Area 12 website 

For further information on all Area 12 events and qualifiers contact Hilary by email: